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Corporate information

Tenders, procurement and contracting

On the 23 March 2018 NHS Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group began a procurement process to establish a longer-term single integrated contract for the provision of community-based services for the population of Ealing.

The CCG has published a Prospectus that sets out the CCGs plans to deliver community services in a new way.  It builds on feedback from patients, carers and care professionals has highlighted that the way community services currently work does not meet  all the different needs of the local population. They would like to see better integration of the various strands of community services such as GPs, community nursing and social care.

Moving care out of the hospital and into the community means that we can make healthcare more readily accessible to those who need it most. With the majority of contracts for community services due to expire over the next 12-18 months, Ealing CCG has an opportunity to move to a single contract for these services as a key step in delivering its vision for out of hospital care.

The Prospectus and accompanying bid documents are designed to allow potential bidders to understand the requirements and the approach the CCG is taking to the procurement and the contract it wishes to let.  The Prospectus sets out that the CCG is looking for a partner who is able to run the current services on day one and then over a period of time work with us to change and transform services so that they provide better and integrated care.

Once established, the single contract will improve the coordination and delivery of out of hospital services, removing the inefficiencies of multiple contracts, by providing a unique opportunity to commission community services that are more coordinated and integrated.

The first phase of transformation will focus on adult services including the implementation of single point of access operating 24/7/365 days a year with clinical triage, rapid crisis and discharge 24/7/365m delivery of 24/7 nursing service and implementation of the Chronic Pain service. The second phase of transformation will be with children’s services.

The advert sets out the approach to the finances as there are three components to the financial information, all based upon 2018/19 pricing:

1. A maximum contract value of £450,245,609 over the maximum 10 year contract term. This is the financial component of the award criteria to be competed.

2. Access to potential transformation funding of £47,405,694 over the maximum10 year contract term. This value will not form part of the award criteria and cannot be relied on as a funding source for bidders

3. Scope of potential additional services over the term of the contract, which has an annual equating to approximately £79,926,000.This value will not form part of the award criteria and inclusion will be subject to a due diligence process during the contract term-therefore Inclusion of these services should not be relied upon by bidders.  Where services are included into the scope a reasonable view of growth in funding may need to be applied

Details of the procurement can be found here.  The advert has been published on the 22nd March and details that the full procurement documents will be available through the portals on April 9th 2018.