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Governing Body

Our Governing Body is responsible for making the final decisions within NHS Ealing CCG and is accountable to the NHS Commissioning Board and our member practices.

Currently our Governing Body consists of elected members from our practices and representatives from Social Care, Public Health and secondary care. See our Governing Body members.

Every GP practice has a vote and is responsible for electing its representatives onto the governing body. Our governing body has nine local GPs representing our member practices, alongside patient representatives and colleagues from public health and our local authorities. They make decisions on behalf of the Council of Members (the group name for our member practices). The CCG governing body is responsible for making the final decisions within the CCG and is accountable to NHS England and to our member practices, as well as to the public.

Governing body meetings are open to the public and take place monthly. See our Governing Body meeting dates

A question and answer section is provided at the end of each meeting. All questions should be related to the meeting papers and should be emailed by 12:00 on the Monday preceding the meeting. Please see our Governing Body meeting papers

Declaration and managing conflicts of Interests

NHS Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group maintains a Register of Interest that details names of individuals and details of the interest.  Individuals will declare any interest that they have, in relation to a decision to be made in the exercise of the commissioning functions of the CCG as soon as they are aware of it and in any event no later than 28 days after becoming aware. The CCG Constitution sets out the rules governing declarations of interest and the management of conflicts of interest.

This constitution was updated in late 2018 and approved by NHS England in December 2018. Approval letter can be found here. Previous versions of the constitution are available on request.