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Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Primary care co-commissioning

Ealing CCG used to form part of a joint committee with NHS England for the co-commissioning of local primary medical care services, as announced here. As of 1 April 2017 Ealing CCG is now fully responsible for for the management of its primary care medical services, and the joint committee is no longer in place. You can find more on this here.

The committee included clinical, lay, and executive representatives in order to ensure that it benefited from a broad range of expertise. The following people sat on Ealing CCG’s joint committee:



CCG Chair

Dr Mohini Parmar

Second GP

Vijayadeva Shanker

Accountable Officer

Clare Parker

Managing Director

Tessa Sandall

Deputy Financial Officer

Eva Horgan

Secondary care governing body member

Dr John Riordan

Nurse governing body member

Sally Armstrong

Lay audit chair

Philip Young

Lay member (Joint committee chair)

Philip Portwood

NHS England

Director of Primary Care Commissioning (London) and Programme Director for Transforming Primary Care

Liz Wise

Director of Commissioning and Operations (NW London)

Jo Ohlson

Assistant Medical Director (London)

Dr Mark Spencer

Medical Director (North West London)

Dr David Finch

Head of primary care (North West London)

Julie Sands

Non-voting advisors


Local Medical Committee

Dr Adam Jenkins



Health & Wellbeing Board