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Health and Wellbeing Board

The Ealing health and wellbeing board is made up of partners from the CCG, adult social services, children's services, public health, Healthwatch Ealing. There are also people on the board who represent the patients and carers, the community and voluntary sector and our local faith groups.

The health and wellbeing board members work together to improve the health and wellbeing of Ealing’s population.

The health and wellbeing board was established as part of the government's changes to the health and social care system, as outlined in the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It became a statutory committee of the London Borough of Ealing on 1 April 2013. This partnership will drive innovation around the chosen priority areas of the joint health and wellbeing strategy, identify opportunities for collaboration and integration across agencies, and develop direct links to service users and patients. The board has a duty to produce a joint health and wellbeing strategy, which contains priorities for action for Ealing. You can find out more about the health and wellbeing board here.