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Primary Care Patient Transport Service

Background information

Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group

NHS Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the GP-led organisation responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) health services for the people living in the borough of Ealing.

Established on 1 April 2013, our vision is to develop commission and deliver high-quality, cost-effective clinical services for the local population through patient-centred commissioning and by working in partnership. Ealing CCG is made up of 79 GP member practices that serve a registered patient population of 338,000. We are committed to improving the care provided to patients, reducing health inequalities and raising the quality and standards of GP practices whilst achieving a financial balance.

We work with clinicians, patients and carers to make sure health and social care services are effective and coordinated. With an annual budget of £426million we buy a range of services including:

  • Planned surgery (elective hospital care)
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Urgent care and emergency care
  • Most community health services
  • Mental health and learning disability services

Our aim is to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered by those organisations best qualified to do so for the diverse needs of our patients, carers and the public, and at the best value for money so that we spend public money wisely.


Primary Care Patient Transport Service

The Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (ECCG) has identified that certain patient groups require patient transport in order to access primary care GP appointments. This has been particularly relevant for patients who:

  • Are elderly, frail and vulnerable
  • Face mobility issues, often due to other health problems 
  • Face social isolation
  • Live in extreme ends of the borough with challenging transport links


As a result of these findings, during 2014 to date, Ealing CCG piloted a patient transport service through Ealing Community Transport (ECT). The key aim was to deliver a safe, timely and comfortable non-emergency patient transport service for patients between their place of residence and their GP healthcare facility and back.  The service was and is available to those patients identified as being in need by the GP practice staff. The service can be booked GP staff members and aligned to patient appointments each week.

The service has so far allowed vulnerable patients to access to their GP practice via a door to door bus service with ease, and also helped to reduce social isolation by allowing them the opportunity to meet other patients on the bus and at the surgery.

Commissioning such a service has also supported Ealing CCG’s Out of Hospital Strategy (OOH) and its commitment to shifting activity and services from a traditional hospital setting into primary care in the community.  Through this initiative, it is anticipated that much of healthcare and treatment will be delivered closer to patients’ homes within their community, which in turn should lessen the need for travel to appointments at the hospital.

Ealing CCG are now moving towards procuring a permanent community transport service provider from the 2nd January 2017 to continue to deliver the same high quality service both to patients and to GP practices.  Therefore we would like to invite patient / carer representative to join the procurement steering group and help us select and appoint a new provider.