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Our engagement events in 2018

Events in 2017

On Saturday, 8 July Ealing CCG Engagement team participated at the Ealing Hospital Open Day. It was held on the grounds of Ealing hospital.

Ealing Hospital Open Day 

The event was an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from Ealing hospital, our patients and members of the public and talk to them about their experience using local health services in Ealing, including GP clinics, hospitals and also community health services.

The feedback on the day was very positive. We completed thirty 'Tell Us' questionnaires on the day. Nearly all participants told us that they praised GP service and that they are able to arrange their appointment easily, with the appointments being available on the same day or few days after.

We also promoted Patient Participation Groups (PPG)s and encouraged members of the public to join PPG in their own practice. We also provided information about online GP appointments and GP Out of Hours Access clinics.  Posters and flyers were available on the day and we gave them out to our colleagues from different departments in Ealing hospital. We spoke with the local community radio from Harrow and used the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of patient and public engagement. We also promoted health education and practice nurses’ recruitment on the day.

Apart from our CCD and Ealing hospital services, other organisations represented on the day were Ealing Healthwatch, LD organisation The Certitude based in Ealing and many other organisation. Hospital tours were organised for members of the public and live presentations by various hospital services.

The Open Day was a great success and everyone enjoyed the day.