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Patient and Public Engagement Committee

ECCG staff PPE training opportunities

We are committed to equip our CCG staff with the right skills and knowledge to enable them to plan and carry out their PPE activities effectively. One of the PPE training that is currently available for the CCG staff is stated below. This training is free for all CCG staff and  is organised by NHS England.

Details of this training:

10 Steps to Even Better Public Engagement

Want to know more about patient and public engagement, what approaches to use and what our legal duties are?  NHS England is running training for London CCGs in October.

This course is aimed at CCG staff who are engaging with patients and the public, or who want to involve them more in our work programmes, in particular commissioning staff, policy development staff, business or project teams who are working with patients.

This full day session covers:

  • the core principles and benefits of involvement
  • our legal duties and obligations
  • good practice guidelines and practical tips and activities
  • working in small groups to apply 10 steps to a live engagement project and draft an engagement plan

By the end of this session you will:

  • understand the drivers for participation
  • develop an engagement plan by applying 10 steps
  • consider seldom heard communities and working with partners
  • explore approaches and tools used
  • identify key steps and timescales

If you are interested in attending please contact england.ldnqualityhub@nhs.net.

Please note that more training opportunities will be available in future, so please make sure you visit this page and enrol in some of the courses.