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Ealing residents to benefit from improved GP services

It is now easier for residents in Ealing to make a GP appointment at a time that suits them, including evenings, weekends and bank holidays.  

GPs and nurses can now offer patients appointments from 6.30pm-8pm, Monday to Friday and from 8am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday.  

These new hours are in addition to existing GP services, meaning that residents can now pre-book GP and nurse appointments from 8am-8pm seven days a week.

Any patient registered with an Ealing GP can access these appointments at three practices across the borough. Appointments can be booked at any one of these practices through your local GP practice or by calling NHS 111 when your GP practice is closed.

This is a really exciting time for Ealing residents as they will now be able to make an appointment with a GP or nurse at a time and in a place that is convenient for them seven days a week. 

As well as improving GP services, this new offering is set to improve:

  • patient experience and
  • reduce avoidable A&E visits and unscheduled hospital admissions.

Dr Mohini Parmar, Chair, NHS Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Our aim is to make GP services quicker, safer and accessible to all; especially for parents, carers and people with work commitments. Previously, patients have told us that they were concerned about the lack of access to GP and nurse appointments. We are really pleased to announce that we are now able to offer evening and weekend appointments for our patients so they have more access to GP services”.

For more information or to book an appointment with a GP or nurse please contact your local GP practice or call NHS 111.


Notes to editors:

1.  NHS Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was set up to enable local GPs and clinicians to plan and decide on the provision of health services for local residents. We work in partnership with local people to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Ealing and deliver excellent healthcare services in our borough. For more information: www.ealingccg.nhs.uk

2. Evening and weekend GP appointments are open to all patients in Ealing, seven days a week. You can book an appointment from your own practice with a GP at three practices across the borough. Appointments are available at Sunrise Medical Centre in Southall, Elmbank Surgery in Hanwell, or Florence Road Surgery in Ealing Broadway. For more information: www.ealingccg.nhs.uk/your-services/gps.aspx