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More help for people with diabetes in Ealing

A new initiative has been launched in Ealing to give greater advice and support to people who have diabetes in Ealing. 

Five new clinics for people with diabetes have been set up across the borough:

Grand Union Village Health Centre

Hillview Surgery

Serving people in the north of the borough

Featherstone Road Health Centre

Broadway Clinic

Ealing Hospital
Serving people in Southall and the west of the borough
Crown Street Surgery Serving people in Acton and the east of the borough


Four diabetes specialist nurses and a diabetes nurse consultant are also based in the borough, with 15 community champions trained to raise awareness of diabetes in the community. 

You can also get additional advice and support by joining the Ealing Diabetes Patient Forum.  This is a great opportunity to hear from specialist clinicians and exchange information with other people living with diabetes. To find out more about the forum, please contact Diabetes UK on 020 7424 1000.  If you would like to find out more about diabetes, please check the Diabetes UK website www.diabetes.org.uk 

Ealing has over 20,000 people with diabetes and the number is predicted to rise to 40,000 over the next ten years.  

Dr Raj Chandok, Ealing CCG Clinical Lead for Diabetes and Vice Chair, said: 

"Once people have diabetes, they can have it for the rest of the life, and it can result in complications and serious illness. 

“However, the real tragedy is that for many people it can be an avoidable illness. 

“We have set up new diabetes clinics in the borough, making it much easier for people to access services without needing to travel to a hospital. 

“We also have nurses specialising in diabetes working in the borough who can give treatment and support to people. 

“And we have trained 15 community champions – people who have a detailed understanding of the disease and can advise people in the community on how to avoid diabetes and how best to look after themselves if they become ill. 

“Our message to people in Ealing is diabetes can be avoidable - eat a low-fat, low-sugar diet, take regular exercise, moderate alcohol consumption and don’t smoke.”

People who want to find out more about diabetes should check the Diabetes UK website and consult their GP. 

Ealing Hospital has published a leaflet on their adult community diabetes service which is published on this website.