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Cold snap prompts further health warnings from Public Health England

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Another cold snap in the capital has prompted Public Health England (PHE) to issue a cold weather alert, urging people to keep warm in this weather and look out for friends, family and neighbours.

As the Met Office forecasts plummeting temperatures to hit London this week along with sleet and snow, PHE are advising people to take necessary precautions.

The advice is that as temperatures drop, it’s really important to think about how best to protect from the ill-effects of the cold, with people advised to wear lots of thin layers, have plenty of warm food and drinks and heat homes to at least 18°C. This is particularly important if anyone in the home is very young, 65 or over or has a long term health condition.

It’s in cold weather that those who are vulnerable will stay at home, leading to an increased feeling of isolation. Public Health England is prompting people to look after themselves but also to check on others who may feel a bit cut off.

Cold weather can be damaging to health and can cause an increased risk of pneumonia, hypothermia and falls. Where people do feel unwell they are advised to act quickly and not to wait before visiting their local pharmacy.

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