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Medicine Management

Expert medicine management pharmacists work to reduce medicine-related harm. We help GPs to maintain or improve the quality of medicine use and also reduce avoidable expenditure.

Additionally, the CCG's medicine management team contributes to maintaining the shared North West London integrated formulary and red list of drugs.

North West London integrated formulary

The North West London medicine management team co-ordinates the running of the North West London integrated formulary on behalf of the eight CCGs in the area (Brent, Central London, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and West London). The formulary applies to new drugs panel meetings and maintain the list of medicines being prescribed for adult patients.

The medicines list covers:

  • prescriptions written in primary care
  • prescriptions or recommendations by hospital doctors of outpatients or patients leaving hospital after an admission


In these situations, prescribers are asked to take the medicine list fully into account when deciding how to treat patients.

The integrated formulary documents (for healthcare professionals) can be found here