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ECCG engagement with our stakeholders

Read about our local engagement events and browse photos here:

 University of West London Volunteer's Fair - 15 October 2019

“In October 2019 ECCG PPE Team participated at the University of West London “Volunteer’s Fair”. More than 30 organisations participated at the event, showcasing their work and providing information to the students. Some of the organisations that were present on the day were: Healthwatch Ealing, Job Centre Plus, Ealing Community Garden Project, Age UK, Dementia Concern, Ealing Scouts group and other.

ECCG promoted national and local campaigns, services and initiatives such are: “Stoptober”, Flu campaign, Extended Hours GP clinics, Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and cancer screening, healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, PPGs, Health Help Now free App, Co-ordinate My Care programme,  “Choose the Right Service”, a national campaign to promote self-care, pharmacies, Primary Care Service (GP clinics), 111 service.  

The students were specially interested in “Health Help Now” free App, and many students downloaded the App on the day.

A quiz about the NHS abbreviations was carried out on the day to find out how much younger generations know about the NHS. Students enjoyed participating in this quiz. The results of the quiz have showed us that students have a good knowledge about the NHS but also that they would like to receive more information about the NHS to be shared in future and they found information provided on the day very useful.

ECCG PPE Team will continue with participation in future events at the West London University, including the event which will be organised in March 2020.”


Ealing CCG Annual General Meeting - 18 September 2019

Ealing CCG held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 18 September in Greenford Town Hall. The event was well attended and was an excellent opportunity to highlight our achievements over the last year, including improvement to diabetes care for all registered patients in Ealing, and improved case finding for patients who have Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

Five community organisations (The Carers Trust-Carers' Centre, Certitude, Dementia Concern, Neighbourly Care, Heartlink), West London NHS Trust - Ealing Community Partners team, Healthwatch Ealing, AJM Wheelchair services, the Diabetes NW London programme team, and NW London Communications and Engagement team held information stalls on the day.

If you would like more information about any of these partners please contact us at ealccg.ppe@nhs.net and we will put you in touch with them.


Ealing CCG promoted its Annual Report 2018/19 across North West London and wider, through the Healthier NW London website. For more information please click here.


“Be Prepared, planning for the future while you are well” event - 18 September 2019

As part of Ealing CCG’s Advance Care Planning (ACP) programme, Ealing CCG worked with Cuckoo Lane Practice to host a patient engagement event on 18 September 2019.

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the importance of advance care planning for patients, families and carers, and ensure individuals and families have the opportunity to engage in planning for their future. We shared available resources with patients and families to help them make the best plan for the future.

The event included information stalls from Macmillan, Marie Curie, Compassion in Dying, Ealing Care Coordinators, O’Dwyers Funeral Directors, Prince Evans Solicitors, Coordinate my Care and Thames Carers Trust who engaged with attendees. A panel discussion followed where patients, relatives, carers and staff were provided with information on advance directives, lasting powers of attorney, deputyship and creating care plans. Approximately 40 patients, relatives and staff members attended the event.

For more information please visit https://www.coordinatemycare.co.uk/


Asian Mela Southall Park - 31 August 2019 

Ealing CCG PPE team participated at this event jointly with 'Let's Go Southhall Project.' More than 1000 people attended the event which is one of the biggest annual events in London. We promoted local and national NHS campaigns including the flu campaign, Health Help Now App, cancer screening, Extended hours GP clinics. Translated material was available in various community languages including Gujerati, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. 

A survey was carried out on the day to find out about experience of the local community regarding extended hours GP clinics. The outcome of the survey was that more promotion is needed to raise awareness of the service, therefore we will continue to participate in future community events in Southall. 


Self care week, 12-18 November 2018

Self-care week is a national campaign when patients and health professionals join forces to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles and looking after own wellbeing. Self-Care Week took place between 12 and 18 November 2018. PPGs across the borough took part by organising awareness sessions in their practices.

Practices who participated were: Mill Hill, Greenford Road, Corfton Road, Barnabas, Hillview, Lady Margaret, Eastmead, Hillcrest and Greenford Avenue PPGs. Barnabas PPG held two sessions, on 13 and 14 November.

The PPG members handed out information and material about four topics: prevention of falls, Stay well in winter campaign, cancer screening and healthy eating, including information about Diabetes and how to manage the condition.

During the sessions, PPGs discussed self-care, how people should better look after themselves and which services they found helpful.

Some of the comments were: “people rely more on their GP then trying to help themselves with simple things”, “the more we encourage people to look after themselves the better”, “antibiotics are used too much, when not really needed”, “older people very often don’t want to use walking stick, but it is a risk and could cause a fall”, “Strength and Balance programme was very useful”.

Ealing CCG would like to thank all PPGs who participated in Self-Care Week sessions and also practice staff for their support in organising and promoting the sessions among the patients.

 Self Care Week


Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Awareness Week, 19-25 November 2018

 Did you know that Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common heart rhythm disorder?

AF is a major risk factor for stroke, which is the fourth largest cause of death in the UK.

AF Awareness Week is took place this year between 19 and 25 November. Two successful awareness events were held in Ealing to help promote the ‘Detect, Protect, Correct & Perfect’ campaign.

These events aimed to inform members of the public about AF and highlight the need for better detection and management, which reduces people’s chances of having a stroke. The AF Awareness events were a joint initiative involving Ealing CCG, LBE Public Health team, LNWUH Community Cardiology Nurses, Imperial College Health Partners, Southall Community Alliance, and volunteers from Hounslow Upbeat Heart Prevention & Patient Support Group.

Approximately 50 people had their pulse checked at the Perceval House event, and around 200 at the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Park Avenue, Southall. More than 10 people were found to potentially have AF, and were given advice and a referral note to take to their GP. Members of the local community gave really positive feedback on the Kardia devices which are used to detect potential AF, and appreciated the information given by the local Community Heart Failure Nurses who provided guidance to people on their pulse check results. The Hounslow Upbeat volunteers who came to both events worked tirelessly to test the community members and we would like to thank them in particular for giving up their time to help make the days so successful.

Further AF awareness events are being planned for the New Year.

For more information on AF and the awareness campaign, go to: http://www.heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/uk

AF Event


The Volunteers Fair, 9 June 2018

The aim of the event was to promote cervical cancer screening, equality objectives survey, Out of Hours GP Clinics and PPGs.

Volunteers Fair 2018

Volunteers Fair June 18

The Carers’ Open Day took place at Sycamore Lodge, The Carers’ Trust on Wednesday 13 June. A survey was taken for the equality objectives and Out of Hours GP Clinics. 

Carers Open Day 13 June 18

Diabetes Integrated Care event took place in Southall Town Hall on Tuesday 12 June. At the event we promoted Cervical Cancers screening, GP Access clinics and PPGs.

Boba Holding A Stall At Southall Town Hall Diabetes Awareness Event And Cancer Screening Awareness

Boba And Member Of The Public