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ECCG engagement with our stakeholders

Our engagement with NW London NHS Hospital Trusts

Learning Disability (LD) Working Group

Ealing CCG is actively involved in Learning Disability Working Group at NW London University Healthcare NHS Trusts. Membership of this group consists of people with LD, Certitude, “Treat me Right” project that supports people with LD in Ealing, carers of people with LD, MENCAP Ealing, Healthwatch Ealing, Lead LD Nurse, Ward Nurse, Ealing and Hounslow MIND. Learning Disability Service – Hospital Working Group. LD Working Group has done a lot of work to improve access to health services for people with LDs.

One of the initiatives we have seen since  January 2018 is promotion of inclusion for people with learning disabilities/autism, their families and carers, CCGs, community nurses, social services and advocate groups  come together to meet and discuss ideas and how to improve services within the  hospitals.  LNWH made everyone realise how committed they are to improve health of people with LDs.

There is the on-going training which is co-delivered by people with learning disabilities and they give feedback at the LD Working group meetings.  This is really satisfying, as Treat Me Right project has been accepted in the hospitals and training has been offered this year with a lot more being promised in the coming year.

There are testimonies of how reasonable adjustments are being put in place. The hospital allows a vulnerable patient who was meant to be a day case, to stay the night before and on the day of surgery to make sure he would be helped to be nil by mouth and also be monitored to make sure he was safe to go home.

Another example was of a young man who would have been sent to a nursing home had the learning disability services not negotiated with their colleagues in social services and looked at a lot of things which finally saw him being discharged to a better place considering his age.

A lot of easy read information has been produced.  The easy read appointment letters are coming soon, the new concise health passport which has also been developed, as well as the care bundle which has been in place. 

Families and carers who attend the meeting have given feedback on how the circle of support meeting is helping them to understand the care and treatment plan and gives them reassurance that the staff are doing all they can and are being open and honest.

Elderly And Young Children Family Photo

For the first time we were told in the meeting that the Trust raised awareness in all the sites during the Learning Disability Week and again all members of the working group were invited to be part of it. 

The establishment of this group is a pledge to reduce inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities/autism in hospital and to ensure their needs are met and that they receive equitable services. Ealing CCG’s Patient and Public Engagement and Equalities Manager is actively involved in the work of this group. She ensures that the members receive regular update and information about Ealing CCG work and projects.

People with learning disabilities experience a range of health inequalities, so this group is committed to work proactively with all stakeholders in order to provide excellent services for people with Learning Disabilities.  

Ealing CCG fully support the work of this group and will continue working closely with their members. ECCG Patient Engagement Reference Forum (PERF) has as its members young people with LD and also adults with LD. People with LD are also actively involved in Patient Reference Group (PRG) for Single Contract-Out of Hospital programme. We promote a new LD Health Passport and participate every year in organisation of the LD public event which is held annualy.

LNWUH electronic health passport