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How can you get involved?

As a patient, carer or an interested member of the public living in Ealing, feedback about local health and social care services and your experience of using them is of huge importance to us. It helps us ensure that we are planning, designing and commissioning the right services for our local population and meeting identified needs.

You can share your views and help shape services by getting involved in a number of ways:

• Patient Participation Groups (PPG): Most GP practices have a PPG. Join yours to have a say in how your local surgery is run and to find out more about looking after yourself and your loved ones.

• Voluntary and community organisations: Many organisations in Ealing support patients, carers and families to be involved, for example, in activities, to stay informed about new developments and to get involved in campaigning.

You can find out more: Ealing CVS, in partnership with Ealing Council and Ealing CCG, has produced an Ealing Health and Social Care Self-Help Directory. This new online Directory has details of over 100 local and national organisations who provide self-help  support for people with a wide range of health conditions

We hope it will be used by GPs, other NHS staff, pharmacies, public health workers, mental health workers, adult social care staff, children services staff, Care Coordinators, Community Health Champions and local voluntary groups to signpost patients and carers to free self-help  support or simply to meet other people with the same conditions

We also hope it will be used by patients, residents and carers themselves to access free advice and help to better self-manage their health and reduce demand on A+E, the Urgent Care Centre, Adult Care services and busy GP practices Ealing self-help directory

• Local and national forums and support groups: You may want to join a group relating to a long term condition, perhaps to stay better informed or to meet other patients and have some peer support. You can find out more from Ealing CVS here.

• Healthwatch Ealing (HWE): You may want to become a member of Healthwatch Ealing. They are all about making sure local voices can influence the delivery and design of local services. HWE is a consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of the public. Their job is to argue for the consumer interest of all those who use health and social care services. They gather the experience, needs and wants of the local residents to identify local and national trends and issues and to influence policy.

Ealing CCG Public Governing Body Meetings: These are meetings held in public and open to patients, carers, the general public and other stakeholders. During these meetings you can hear discussions around the CCG’s plans and ask relevant questions. Everyone is welcome. The agenda and papers for these meetings are made available here

• Involvement in specific areas of work: Patients, carers and members of the public can choose to get involved in specific areas of service planning, designing, procuring (buying) and monitoring. Opportunities arise throughout the year, so if you would like to find out more, please email – eccg@nhs.net


How do we use patient and carer feedback?

Patients, carers and the public share their feedback  with us through a number of ways, for example:

• Via practice based Patient Participation Groups (Practice PPGs) and Network Patient Participation Groups ( NPPGs)

• Surveys and questionnaires

• Focus groups and listening events

• Via patient representatives from the voluntary and community sector organisations

• From Healthwatch Ealing following their community engagement events

• By joining community support groups and forums

What we learn helps us plan, choose and buy services and make improvements so that services are of the highest quality, achieve the expected outcomes and offer good patient experience. The information is shared with various groups and committees including the CCG’s Governing Body and the Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee.  

All PPE activities and plans are overseen by ECCG’s PPE Committee which is a sub-committee of Ealing CCG’s Governing Body. It is chaired by a lay member who also sits on the Governing Body. The PPE Committee also includes a senior representative from Healthwatch Ealing, a member of a GP Practice, voluntary sector representatives and the chair of Ealing CCG (a GP) who is also ECCG’s Governing Body Clinical Lead for Engagement and Equalities.

Lay members – The elected Chair of our local HealthWatch attends our Governing Body meetings in an advisory capacity. Within Ealing CCG Governing Board, we have four lay members who have full voting rights. Our lay members also chair various CCG and collaborative committees such as Ealing CCG Finance and Performance (F&P) Committee, Quality and Safety (Q&S) Committee and Patient and Public Engagement and Equalities (PPE) Committee.