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How can you get involved?

Current Ealing and NW London PPE projects

Ealing Diabetes project

This project has been designed to raise awareness of diabetes and how best to manage the condition. This includes:

  • Supporting GP’s and clinicians to help meet the needs of these patients with expert advice and training
  • Improving uptake of patient education programmes for those with Type1/2 diabetes and those at high risk of developing diabetes
  • Providing digital tools to support patients
  • Improving foot care and awareness of foot checks
  • Mental health care for people living with diabetes

Ealing Diabetes Transformation Team has successfully recruited one patient representative to the NW London Patient Advisory Panel and Ealing Diabetes Implementation Group. Outputs from Ealing Diabetes Implementation Group feed into the wider NW London Patient Advisory Panel. Patient representatives play a key role in driving the programme to benefit our patients living with diabetes.

The team is organising Diabetes Education Event in Southall, Dominion Theatre on 26th February, 12pm-2pm. The main aim of this event is to raise awareness about Diabetes, especially for Punjabi community. All promotional material has been translated into Punjabi. The event was widely publicised among the community in Southall and everyone is welcome to attend.


NW London Wheelchair Service Users’ Group

This group meets monthly at St Charles Hospital. The Chair is one of ECCG Patient Engagement Reference Forum (PERF) members, Alex Cowan. The main aim of the group is to discuss the provision of the wheelchair service and address any issues that need to be raised with the AJM, the company that provides the service in NW London, including Ealing. The group has developed an action log, which is updated at each meeting. They were actively involved in designing the service users’ Survey, which will be available to the public on AJM website. AJM is a company that provides wheelchair service for NW London residents. 

Please click here to access their latest newsletter: http://www.ajmhealthcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Newsletter-NWL-May-2018.pdf

Some of the items discussed at the July meeting were:

1. Repairs and waiting times: The Chair and Westminster Disability Action Group had received complaints from service users that are experiencing difficulties with repairs, supply of wheelchairs and parts. AJM Operational Manager investigated complaints received and specific actions have been put in place.

2. Wheelchair passport: It was agreed that a quick Reference user guide would be useful to service users. A laminated A5 quick guide would include basic details of the wheelchair, e.g. Size of wheels, castors, weight and other details.

3. Equality Objectives:ECCG provided feedback relating to recent engagement work carried out by all eight PPE Leads across NW London. The Chair expressed interest in contributing to this work, specifically relating to wheelchair service users’ issues and equalities. Following this meeting, the Chair provided feedback and suggestions on proposed Equality Objectives.

The Wheelchair Service Users’ Survey has been carried out to find out about service users’ experience. Please here to see the results of the survey.

Click here to see a list of useful video links to various information for wheelchair service users.


Enhanced Services Steering group

The NW London Enhanced Services Steering Group leads on the development of services that GP practices deliver across North West London.  Patient representatives from Ealing have been attending this meeting to ensure the patient voice is heard when planning services at GP practices.


NW London Integrated Lay Partners Group

NW London Integrated Lay Partners Group is made up of lay members, lay partners, Healthwatch representatives and patient representatives. Ealing CCG Lay member, Lead for PPE and Quality is a member of this group.

The group ensure patients and the public are involved in the work that we do insuring they are at the heart of decision making across NW London.

The vision

  • to improve the quality of care for individuals, carers and families
  • to empower and support people to maintain their independence and lead full lives as active participants in their community
  • to ensure people receive consistent, patient centred, integrated and holistic care that they or their carer can manage themselves.

 Are you interested in being a lay partner?

The role of a lay partner is to scrutinise the work we do and act as the voice of patients across NW London.

Lay partners are expected to attend one meeting per month. Each meeting normally takes place in Central London and is approximately two hours long. In return, lay partners will be kept up to date on CCG information and developments across NW London and are at the heart of decision making and development of NHS services.

To find out more about the responsibilities and commitments of the group please click the link below for an overview.


If you are interested in joining the group please email NW London engagement team at: nwlccgs.healthiernwl@nhs.net.   


111 service NW London Patient Advisory Group

111 service NW London Patient Advisory Group meets quarterly. The main aim of the group is to give a feedback and help shaping up a new enhanced 111 service, which will provide not only generic but also clinical advise to patients. Ealing has three patient and community representatives on this group. They are: a wheelchair service user, an adult with Learning Disabilities and Certitude, an organisation that supports people with LD in Ealing. Members are very pro-active and they will be involved in upcoming procurement process.

The group is currently helping to design local promotional material for NW London.