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Patient engagement reference forum (PERF)

PERF was established in June 2018. This forum is one of the main patient public engagement structures in Ealing CCG. Membership consists of PPG representatives, voluntary community sector organisations, Healthwatch Ealing, adult and young people with learning disabilities and Ealing CCG staff. Membership is open and is changing continuously. New PPG representatives and other groups are welcome to join the forum. 

PERF members are encouraged to give their feedback about any health related issues that they have come across or discussed at their PPG or other meetings. 

Some of the issues raised were related to communication, referral processes, information about local health services and recruitment of new PPG members. The issues raised are taken forward and updates are provided to members at the following meeting. 

It is also a good platform to inform and raise awareness about specific projects that Ealing CCG is working on. Topics of each meeting are decided jointly with PERF members. 

PERF members, especially PPG members, are encouraged to liaise and support each other between the meetings. 

Meetings are held quarterly in Ealing CCG offices (Perceval House) from 5pm-7pm. 

Click here  to see PERF Terms of Reference.

PERF minutes

April 2019 - March 2020