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You said, We did

GP acess clinics

We are currently creating a new way of reporting and evidencing the issues raised at our Governing Body meetings, PPE Committee, PPGs and other relevant meetings and community events. More information regarding this development will be available on this webpage. It is important for our organisation to listen to our community, patients and carers and we want to make sure that issues you told us are acted upon and regularly feedback to our patients, carers and wider community. We highly appreciate your time and experience you share with us and as an organisation, we are committed to put our patients’ and carers’ views and experience in everything we do for our Ealing population.

One of the things you told us was that you would like more GP appointments. As result of that, in March 2017 we opened three new GP Access Clinics. You can read more about our GP Access service in our leaflet.

This is not the only example of our commitment to create effective way of acting on your feedback. There are more examples of our commitment to improve the services we commission and therefore, more examples of our good PPE work will be uploaded on this page in future.

North West London Wheelchair Service Procurement

North West London Wheelchair Service users including Ealing representatives were actively involved in a procurement of a company which would provide the Wheelchair Service across North West London.

This procurement is an excellent example of true co-production engagement work, as service users were involved in every stage of the process. They designed questions for potential providers, service user participated on the recruitment panel and they inspected the premises proposed by the tenders to make sure they were fully accessible.

One of the new services suggested by users was the Out of Hours Repairs Service (Saturdays Clinic). Patient representatives said they would like to see a new provider truly accountable for the quality of service provided. In the past, wheelchair service users told us that the quality of service provided by previous providers was not up to the standards they expected them to be, which had a considerable effect on their well-being.

Service users involved in this process felt that their feedback and suggestions were fully taken into consideration. At the end of the process, a new contract had been awarded to the AJM company. Since then, users have recognised a considerbale improvement and that currently they are receiving a much better service. They also told us that they felt that the whole procurement process was looked at from a service user perspective.

For more information about AJM please click here

Communication with PPGs 

We ask our PPG's if they would like to recieve more information from Ealing CCG about opportunities to get involved including training, courses, conferencesw and events. As a result of this Ealing CCG patient public engagement team start publishing PPG newsletters in January 2018. Newsletters are published monthly and Ealing CCG recieved postive feedback about them. Please click here to view them. 

Ealing CCG website

Following the feedback from our PPGs, PERF, patients and members of the public Ealing CCG (ECCG) held a meeting with PPG representatives in August 2019 to discuss contents of the  website. They told us that our website needs to be streamlined, so that people can navigate easier and find information they need. As a result of this engagement ECCG PPE Team discussed with the NW London Collaboration of CCGs Communications Team how the changes could be made. As a result of this joined up working, ECCG website has been improved. The changes have been communicated with the PPGs. PERF members and other stakeholders at community events and other relevant meetings. The feedback received was positive. 

Health promotion-“Flu campaign” and “Choosing the Right Service” articles in Around Ealing magazine

Feedback received from patients and members of the public was that ECCG should be promoting the Flu campaign and “Choosing the Right Service." As a result, free Ealing magazine “Around Ealing” in its winter edition published two articles, one about the Flu campaign and the second about “Choosing the Right Service.” Both GPs and patients were actively involved in writing up of the articles. This magazine is delivered to all Ealing households and it is also available on line. Please follow the link where you can read both articles. We continue promoting both campaigns as well as other local and national health campaigns. 

Young people involvement

Ealing CCG (ECCG) would like to engage more with young people to find out about their experience using health services commissioned by the CCG. Our PPE Team is engaging with young people with Learning disabilities in Ealing. They actively participate in our PERF meetings. Their membership is very flexible, as we have different representatives at each meeting. By doing this we enable different young people to participate. 

In October 2019 ECCG PPE Team participated in the Volunteers’ Week at the University of West London. Young people have shown a great interest in information about NHS services provided on the day. ECCG PPE Team is planning more engagement activities with young people in 2020 and beyond. One of the young people’s groups that the Team will be engaging with is  “YES” group, young people’s community group. More details to follow regarding this engagement work.